Pizza-style scrambled eggs

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I realize I lost some of you already once you saw the title of this post, but bear with me and I will share with you a deliciously different way to prepare your morning eggs.

Moreover, depending on which brand of pizza sauce you use (I like Great Value), this recipe is CSID friendly. Jayson has eggs almost every day for breakfast, and this is his favorite way to have eggs. I have never seen him turn pizza eggs down, especially if I cut it into wedges for him like a real pizza.

Anyway, this is surprisingly tasty. I would even eat it, and not only if I had to, even though I don't really like scrambled eggs. "You do not like them/so you say./Try them! Try them!/And you may./Try them and you may I say," (Green Eggs and Ham, Dr Seuss).

Oh, by the way, this recipe can easily be scaled up or down as you like, although I wouldn't really recommend scaling too far down.