Coconut Flour Waffles - Take 2

Pin It DLD: Coconut Flour Waffles (Take 2)

DISCLAIMER: This recipe is intended to be a starch-free/sucrose-free recipe.
This syrup is NOT low calorie or sugar-free.
Please use caution when adding a new food to a special or restricted diet—
—What works for my family may not work for yours.

I have a slightly uncomfortable confession to make—I don't like coconut flour waffles. This being said, the reason is mainly that I don't need to like coconut flour waffles. I make them for my two oldest children who need to avoid starch. So when I first posted a recipe for coconut flour waffles, I was making waffles for kids who had never had anything better. I also wasn't too concerned with the flavor being amazing because they always drenched their waffles in sugar-free syrup anyway and wouldn't be able to discern the flavor of the waffle. However, in the years since I first posted that recipe it has gotten an amazing reception on Pinterest, and I have recently gotten some comments on it which made me doubt the excellence of the recipe. I don't want any of the recipes on this blog to be subpar, so I humbly submit to you a new, improved recipe for coconut flour waffles which hopefully will tickle your taste buds and please your palate.